Monday, 27 July 2009

What DOES President Barack Obama's "I Could Have Calibrated Those Words Differently" Back-Tracking Non-Retraction *Really* Mean?

Somebody was just asking. . .

Here is how I responded to that question -

Good question. . .

I'm guessing it means shooting himself in the foot with a bullet from a 2mm Kolibri instead of a police issue 45 caliber service pistol. :-)

Perhaps I should have calibrated my words differently. . . ;-)

All in good fun!

Hopefully the Secret Service will not "act stupidly" by interpreting this humorous poke at the unfortunate fact that U.S. President Barack Obama acted stupidly in publicly proclaiming that the Cambridge Police Force acted stupidly in arresting Harvard University scholar (but no gentleman. . .) Henry Louis Gates Jr. for disorderly conduct aka disturbing the peace as some kind of actual threat against President Barack Obama. On the off chance they do. . . hopefully President Obama will have the good sense not to assert that the Secret Service acted stupidly in interpreting this satirical blog post as a real threat. After all, I am only talking about President Obama shooting *himself* in the foot in purely figurative terms and kindly suggesting that he do so with a much smaller caliber, and thus hopefully less damaging, metaphorical "gun" aka firearm the next time that he acts stupidly and shoots himself in the foot. . . ;-)

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no intention whatsoever to doing the slightest physical harm to U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, or anybody else for that matter, and would be happy to sit down and have a beer with him to discuss the CrowleyGates scandal. Not that I am expecting an invitation to the White House any time soon. . . ;-)


  1. What a hate-filled person you are. You need to chill, dude...and quit threatening the President of the United States ina passive=aggressive way. It's not only extremely uncool--it's illegal.

  2. I do not hate President Obama nor am I threatening him in the slightest way. I am making a joke out of the fact that, figuratively speaking. . . he shot himself in the foot by asserting that the Cambridge Police Force "acted stupidly" in arresting Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. on disorderly conduct. Threatening *anyone* with actual physical violence is illegal the last time I checked. . .

    Quite frankly I expect that if President Obama actually saw this blog post himself he would see the humor in it and might even get a chuckle out of it. Who knows? He might even invite me to the White House for a beer or two.

  3. Clearly threatening, dude. And creepy. You're a creep.

  4. It's only threatening if you are cowardly and/or paranoid Anonymouse. Most people can see that there is no real threat against President Barack Obama in this satirical blog post but if you are so worried that it might be a real threat against President Obama why don't you report it to the Secret Service and allow them to decide if it represents any kind of credible threat against President Obama. I will be quite happy to have a little chat with them.

  5. And I fully expect that the Secret Service will decide that *you* acted stupidly in reporting this humorous blog post as though it was an actual threat of some kind.


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