Monday, 14 January 2013

The Magic Of The Reality That Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins Is A "Less Than Bright" Bright Who Does Not *Appreciate* Parody & Satire

To say nothing of the fact that Richard Dawkins is quite evidently not "Bright" enough to understand and appreciate the fact that *some* William S. Gilbert lyrics in 'The Major General's Song', such as

"I know the scientific names of beings animalculous,"

for *example*. . . are actually perfectly applicable to this world famous evolutionary biologist, and thus did not need to be changed aka mutated aka evolved aka Intelligently ReDesigned. . . one iota, in my parody version of Gilbert & Sullivan's 'The Major General's Song' known as 'The Atheist Supremacist's Song'.

I mean what *was* Richard Dawkins thinking when he brazenly and quite foolishly accused me of plagiarism of William S. Gilbert's lyrics in Tweeting -

"Even your rhymes were stolen directly from Gilbert."


It seems that Richard Dawkins is truly a man of great faith, indeed a man of remarkably *blind* faith.

Not such a bright Bright that Richard Dawkins. . .

Without further ado, here is the Twitter thread in question -

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